Technology: Vital and Important but cannot do everything

Have you ever sat to wonder the many things that technology can do for you?

There are so many benefits we can and have derived from the use of technologies in application to our daily lives and work. Few are mentioned as follows;

Communication: it is so easy to just pick up our mobile devices when we have to share or pass an information. More easier than ever, the presence of Instant messaging applications for example, Whatsapp has made it very easy to reach out to a group of people at a time without oral communication and all other forms of social connections are made through online forums or medium. Also improvement in audio and video communication like in real time has made it easy to feel connected to our loved ones and friends or business partners from different locations.

Information search and improved learning: knowledge available everywhere on the internet that it has made it easy for individuals, workers, students, to find things they are searching for and of interest. Learning has now been made very easy by just a click that you do not have to go far to get information. The introduction of e-learning and distance learning has been to an advantage to us in so many ways.

Improved efficiency of complex task and processes in an organisation. This has increased cooperation in an organisation. Now people can work together from different locations such as from home or different country.

Carry out task easily: such as banking transaction, making reservations online, shopping online, storing of our data on the cloud without the burden of carrying hardware around and even doing our calculations and also performing tasks for us such as cleaning (robots).

Relaxation: When we are tired, we could play games or watch a movie online or listen to music even without having it available on our device to ease ourselves from stress of the day.

Quick storage and retrieval of data when and as needed: Now we do not need to have hard copies of books or tickets, commit to memory. This has reduced the amount of paper published by saving money. Imagine if we have to get a copy of every book we use for reasearch or travel far distance to get a hard copy of an important file, this would have been so burdensome.

Scheduling: with technology, we do not have to keep in mind or have papers scattered everywhere about our future plans. Devices store up this information for us and remind us when due. This keeps us busy with other things and helps us not to miss out on important meetings.

Keeping up with important alerts and news: technology has helped us stay informed and alert by a buzz on our phone the moment news drops in. Social medias such as Twitter, online BBC and YouTube has also helped us stay in contact with what is happening around us and in the lives of others so that we do not lose track of recent events.

Technology, advancing every day makes life easier and it is growing smaller to fit into our work schedules and every part of our lives. Big organisations such as Apple, Samsung and the likes are bringing technology closer to us by innovating constantly devices (known as smart devices) such as Iphone, Iwatch, Galaxy tabs and so on, to gain access to our data whenever and wherever we need it. Increasingly, technology is used in almost every sectors such as education, health, business functions, agriculture, banking, commerce, transportation, law enforcement agencies and criminal records. This has improved greatly our standard of living and assisted us in several ways by solving problems and creating new forms of job roles. I will not fail to mention that technology has also assisted physically disabled individuals to carry out functions without aid by giving them a sense of belonging.

Despite the many benefits gained from interacting with technology, there are a lot of things that it cannot replace. So much dependence has been placed on technology that we may miss out on other aspects of our lives. The following are few important needs that technology cannot do for us or erase.

The need for paper writing: Despite the availability of notepads on our mobile devices or electronic books, writing by hand is still very important for learning. This helps us to retain information especially when memorizing and keep us focused on what we are doing. By so doing, the brain is involved and this keeps us sharp. Imagine you want to perform an arithmetic or solve a math related problem, then you carry a device to scribble for your calculations, how frustrating that would be. This is also very important to put down our thoughts because it is more personal than with a device. Research has shown that writing with the hands helps us to be good and better writers. This helps train the brain to integrate visual, and tactile information, and fine motor dexterity.

It cannot think for us: Just as we need our hands to write, technology cannot think for us. It only supports and helps us drive at conclusions. It suggest the best possible ways to carry out a task but it cannot help us apply it to the task except in cases where we have robots. Even with a robot, this can break down and fail but it also need a human figure to operate it. Also during an examination or test, technology cannot help us, we have to rely only on what we know to pass.

Emotional connection with friends and loved ones: In this digital era, people now fail to keep face to face contact relying so much on social medias which has also increased loneliness. Technology has become people’s best friend that they find it difficult to associate even in the gathering of people. Most time, what we say on social media may not represent our emotions or what is on our mind and we can become easily misinterpreted or we pass the wrong message. With face to face communication, we can know if one is interested in the conversation. Technology cannot erase areas where we need a friend or loved one to be by our side to listen to us or hug us or even meet our emotional need such as sexuality. Even though video communication has been introduced to bridge the gap, this is also a barrier because remember these are just machines that can fail at any time (e.g. network connections) and they cannot meet our personal need.  Face to Face communication is also important in the work place because it improves work place relationships.

Health treatment: with the introduction of health apps, people are becoming more aware of themselves. Nevertheless, this does not stop us from having a personal meeting with the doctor because you will need someone to discuss your problem with and not a machine. How would you feel if when you go to the hospital to discuss a problem and all you do is talk to a machine? Machines cannot replace carrying out operations or childbirth, we still need a human around to control activities.

In conclusion it is important to note that technology is meant to support us to improve our living, making it easy and comfortable but it cannot replace the very basics of life. Funnily, technology cannot reproduce itself and it does not have feelings. Why not drop your device, visit your next door neighbor or create time out with friends, our words and act of kindness could heal someone’s broken heart. We are meant to be in control of technology and take advantage of every possible benefits that comes from it not it controlling our lives. This world is a better place because of technology and the future brings more to it but also this technology came about by humans. So enjoy every relationship that comes your way so that we can make this world a much better place to live in.


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